Qutub Minar 2nd Tallest Minar In India

Qutb Minar is the symbol of victory. It had been built in the year 1193 when the India was first conquered by the famous Muslim ruler and the first Muslim to conquer Delhi, India Qutb-uddin aibak who defeated the Hindu king and gave birth to a new era of Muslims rule over a Hindu dominating country.

Qutub Minar 2nd Tallest Minar In India

Qutub Minar 2nd Tallest Minar In India

It is one of the UNESCO world heritage site having a height of 73 meter and an ancient construction. Basically it is divided into five major storeys build on one another having balconies of 15 m diameter each uniformly decreasing and reaches 2.5 meter at the top.  It is in the middle of Qutb complex, called so due to more than one such monument at the same place. The iron pillar is also there.

It is a combination of red stone, sand stone and marble. The wall is full of calligraphy of Quranic verse. At the time of victory the tower was not made alone but with a mosque adjacent to it and called Quwwat-ul-islam mosque giving the meaning of “the power of Islam” and is the first mosque of India.

According to some people the material had been brought from the temples that’s why the overall architecture is a complex of both Hindu and Muslim art. In some days the minar had been used to call for prayer “Azan”.

Qutub Minar 2nd Tallest Minar In IndiaQutub Minar 2nd Tallest Minar In India

Qutub Minar 2nd Tallest Minar In India

The construction of the minar took several years; it got additions from the later rulers of Delhi. Altamush added some sections to it and completed in the era of Feroz shah, at last some of its top parts were reconstructed in the era of Lodi.

Qutb minar was first site in India to host the Australian series of the “Amazing race”. It has been serving as a film set for many Bollywood shots. Today Qutb minar is a famous tourist hub.

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