Recreio Dos Bandeirantes, Brazil

For the information, this Recreio Dos Bandeirantes, Brazil, it is the name of the beach and it is also the name of the neighborhood which is present in the West Zone of this Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is one of the recent developments made in Brazil and this site comprise of no skyscrapers. This area contains jungles atop kind of rocky cliffs and also hills. If you are at Recreio Beach then you can do surfing. This beach is a white sandy beach and this beach is used by all volleyball players.

This beach is 35 km away from the city center of Rio de Janeiro city center. People living in this city center, they are of middle-class background and few of them belong to the high middle-class income families. So the development in this Recreio Dos Bandeirantes, Brazil area started in the year of 1959.

This area Recreio Dos Bandeirantes, Brazil is all free from hustle and bustle mess. Now we have seen the increasing number of restaurants and pizzerias and also bars, some private schools as well as colleges in this area. Do you want to live in this neighborhood!

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