Regent’s Park, England

Exclusive facts on Regent’s Park, England shared over here. It is the Royal Park which located in London. This park lies within the premises of north-west London site. It is partly in the city of Westminster that you can have access to this park. You will find London Zoo as well as Regent University located near to this park. This park mainly graded I marked and listed as on the Register of historic parks.

This Regent’s Park, England has an outer ring road, and it is named as the Outer circle. This outer circle is 4.45 km in its length. Then this park also comprises of an inner ring road, and it is named and known as the inner circle. This inner ring road is of length 1 km. This inner circle surrounded with the most tended the section of this park; it has Queen Mary gardens in it.

This Regent’s Park, England mostly reserved for the category of pedestrians. Its west side, its east and south hand, they are mostly lines with these beautifully designed houses. Its northern side lets you access London zoo. On its north side, you can also easily visit Zoological society of London.

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