Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the well known botanic gardens that is across the two sites of the Melbourne and Cranbourne. Melbourne Gardens was founded in the year 846 when land was reserved on top of the south side of the Yarra River as meant for the purpose of the new botanic garden. It extends across 36 hectares that is all set with the slope to the side of the river with trees, garden beds, lakes, and lawns.

This place has been rather displaying with almost 50,000 individual plants that are all the more representing 8,500 different species. These are displayed in almost 30 living plant collections. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is taken to be the main homeland of the State Botanical Collection with the preservation of almost 1.5 million of the plants all along with the algae and fungi.

This makes it turn out to be one of Australia’s most comprehensive botanical libraries. The garden has been rather settled with the combination of the native and the nonnative vegetation. The garden does host with almost 10,000 floral species. It was also involved in the trading of the seeds in the mid-19th century.

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