Saadiyat Island , UAE

This Saadiyat Island is also known as the Island of happiness. It is a tourist cultural site that shows and display Emirati culture and heritage. This site is a low lying kind of island and is located in Abu Dhabi. This project is somewhat both commercial and residential perspective project.

This Saadiyat Island project is in its completion phase, and it will complete by the time of 2020. So you have to wait for two more years, and then you can be on this fantastic island. It is expected that this site might become the cultural center of the city of Abu Dhabi. If you are in the downtown of Abu Dhabi, then this site will only be 5 minutes driving distance from you.

If you are at Abu Dhabi international airport, then you can access this Saadiyat Island site in 20 minutes. And if you are in Dubai, then you can access to this subjected site in a time frame of one hour. Abu Dhabi tourism authority company does development of this project, and quick events are taking place in it so that it can be completed by 2020.

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