Saint Michael Castle, Russia

The other name of Saint Michael Castle, Russia, it is Mikhailovsky Castle or you can call it as Engineers’ Castle. It is a former royal residence which is present in historic centre of this city Saint Petersburg, Russia. St. It was initially built as a residence only for Emperor Paul I. This castle was designed by the architects named as Vincenzo Brenna and too Vasili Bazhenov in years 1797-1801.

This Saint Michael Castle, Russia looks different from each of its 4 sides. Its architects have made used of motifs and unique architectural styles. It is at the south side of Summer garden that this castle is built. It is an important architectural monument which closes the architectural history of XVIII century. It is only one Russian palace that has been constructed in the style and aroma of romantic classicism.

This Saint Michael Castle, Russia was made for for Paul I. As the owner of this castle was Paul I and this castle became the place of his death too. You can visit the restored rooms of this castle, like Romanov Saga”, marble sculpture of Summer garden. Many temporary exhibitions are take place in these restored rooms

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