Saint Petersburg, Russia

This Saint Petersburg, Russia is the second-largest city right after Moscow. It has 5 million inhabitants in the year 2012. It is an important one Russian port which is present on Baltic Sea. This city has been given the status as a federal city. It is at head of Gulf of Finland and on the Baltic Sea, that this city is present. This city was discovered by Tsar Peter the Great on the time May 27, 1703

It was on 01 September 1914 that the name of Saint Petersburg, Russia got changed to Petrograd. Then it was on 26 January 1924 that its name was changed to Leningrad. Then finally on 07 September 1991, it got the name of Saint Petersburg. It was between the years of 1713 and 1728 and too in years of 1732–1918 that Saint Petersburg remained the of capital  imperial Russia. Then in year 1918, central government bodies transferred to Moscow.

This Saint Petersburg, Russia is a modern city of Russia. It is also the cultural capital of it. This city is spread on an area 605.8 square kilometers. Its elevation ranges right from sea level and then reaches to the highest point of 175.9 meters. Its average maximum temperature in the month of July is 23 °C and its average minimum temperature in month of February is −8.5 °C and its extreme temperature is 37.1 °C.

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