Sambodromo, Brazil

For the information, this Sambodromo, Brazil, it is one of the purpose-built kind of parade areas which was built for Rio Carnival. This site is present and rightly located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can call this site with the name of Passarella Professor Darcy Ribeiro. Its parades have always attracted many and thousands number of Brazilians and also many of the foreign tourists in every single year.

The structure of Sambodromo, Brazil, it is used for multi-purpose and tasks, at times, this venue is used as a performance venue. This venue is 570 meters in its length and it is 12 meters in its width. This venue was commissioned during the time of 1983 and then it got completed during the year of 1984.

Note that this Sambodromo, Brazil is not only used as one of the centerpieces for the purpose of Rio Carnival. But it houses this primary school in it along with 115 classrooms. This venue has a capacity of 90,000 people and do you know that this parade avenue is usually painted in gray color in each and every year before carnival time comes.

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