Sao Paulo Cathedral, Brazil

This Sao Paulo Cathedral, Brazil is one of the ecclesiastical authorities hold by a bishop or this authority can be given to an archbishop. During 2013, Metropolitan Archbishop of this archdiocese came out to be Cardinal named as Odilo Pedro Scherer. Its construction was done in the Gothic style and it was in 1913 that this cathedral construction was started.

Though this Sao Paulo Cathedral, Brazil has its own Renaissance-styled kind of dome but it is still been considered and marked as the 4th largest neo-gothic kind of cathedral. Its length is of 111 meters, that makes 364 ft and its width is of 46 meters that makes 151 ft. Its dome height is 30 meters, which makes 98 ft and its spire height is 92 meters, that makes 302 ft.

The overall historic time of Sao Paulo Cathedral, Brazil, it dates back to the time of 1589. This Cathedral underwent and undergone a complete renovation phase in between the years of 2000 and 2002. This renovation phase repaired the building and most of the pinnacles which are present over the nave, they were too renovated completed. If you are interested in visiting cathedrals, then do visit this cathedral.

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