Sea World Gold Coast, Australia

This place in Australia is known for being one of the famous mammal’s marine park. This park is also known by the name of being the theme park as well as ocean destination too. It has been located in the area of the Gold Coast in the place of Australia. It is all the more adding within the rides as well as the animal exhibitions plus the wide range of other attractions too. This park has been featured out with the association of the Warner Bros as well as Movie World.  In the year 1975, it came up with the launch of the Sea World Train as well.


In the year 1981, this place came up with the launch of the roller coaster as well.  This rollercoaster was given out with the name of Wild Wave Rollercoaster.  Now it has been named as Thrillseeker but now it is closed since the year 2002. In 1982 they opened up with the Corkscrew that is featuring off with the three inversions.

In the year 1982, they can ahead with another launch of the Sea World Monorail system that was added upon with the three stations of the park all the way through.

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