Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization , UAE

Have you checked, seen this ultimate looking Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization? Here are relevant facts related to this site of the museum. This museum located in Sharjah. It was opened in the year of 2008, and this museum entirely covered with Islamic cultural values. It has more than and an estimated number of 5000 artifacts in it. These artifacts collected from all over the Islamic world.

In this Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, you will find all Islamic objects that mainly includes calligraphy and carvings as well as collections of coins and glass and too vast collections of ceramics and metalwork. Then there are enormous collections of Islamic manuscripts, scientific instruments in this museum.

You can find this Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization right on the Corniche street. It is one of the most visible museums because of its large size and also the presence of golden dome on it. It is also famous because of its artistic and appealing design. As this museum opened on 5th June 2008 and the ruler of Sharjah inaugurated it. This museum attracts large number of national and too international visitors.

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