Sochi Theme Park, Russia

Visit this Sochi Theme Park, Russia right now. It is a theme park and an amusement park which is present in Imeretin Valley. So be in this fairy-tale world. This park is filled with magic impressions and wonderful experience. This park has five theme zones in it and it has twelve amusement rides in it. This theme park has 9 cafes, restaurants in it. It has ten crafts pavilions. It is an interactive insight and explore the fairy-tales of Russian sight by visiting this theme park.

This Sochi Theme Park, Russia Gate fire sight is most exciting. It is its first theme zone. In its Bogatyr Land, you will find Bogatyr village and crafts workshops and also souvenir shops. While you enter in this Bogatyr’s land, you will feel an ancient Russian city atmosphere.

If you are in Sochi Theme Park, Russia then you have to visit this Enchanted Forest. You should be trying its shot and drop tower named as “Fire Bird”. Try its roller-coaster which is “Zmey Gorynych”. Its flying carrousel which is “tea cups ride” and also its wooden roller-coaster and magic store, all are loved. This forest sight is filled with phenomenal and exceptional miracles.

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