St James Park, England

This popular and highly well known St James Park, England spread or include to 23-hectare area. This park is present or located in Westminster city. It is right at St James Hospital that this park is named after. This beautiful park has the chain of other well known parks located near to it.


This popular St James Park, England has bounded and surrounded by many places like Buckingham Palace. Horse guards and Birdcage walk too surround it.  This one is a grade I listed park. It also comprises of a small lake which named as St Jame’s park lake. This lake is encompassed with two lakes as well, and they called Duck island and West island.

Some exotic animals were used to keep in St James Park, England during the year of 1603. When James I took over the throne then he instructed and ordered to place elephants and birds as well as camels and crocodiles in this park. So this park is connected with so many fabulous buildings and parks, are you ready to visit it right now!

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