Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

Important facts about Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil are shared over here. This is a peak which is situated right in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is at the mouth of Guanabara Bay that you can view the site of this mountain. It’s just out into this Atlantic Ocean. This mountain peak has been rising 396 m right above the harbor. It is because of its traditional shape and concentrated, refined in form shape that this name loaf sugar has been given to it.

You can have the tour of this Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil because a glass-walled kind of cable car actually runs over on it. This cable car can hold up to 65 people and it runs in between the routes of Sugarloaf and also Morro da Urca. You will get a ride of 20 minutes on this cable car.

This site of Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil, it has become the largest urban climbing kind of area in this world, this site comes with and offers 270 routes. Do visit this site, you will find it interesting. More facts on Sugarloaf Mountain are coming up, so stay tuned.

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