Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Sunshine Coast is located in the place of Australia in the area of Queensland. This place is taken to be one of the third most populated areas in the Australian state of the Queensland. This place is located over the 100 km just as to the north of the state capital in Brisbane. The estimated urban population of Sunshine Coast that makes it turn out to be the 9th most populous in the country.  This area was settled for the very first time by Europeans in the 19th century. It has been putting together with so many of the coastal hubs too such as Kawana, Noosa, Maleny, and Nambour.

The Sunshine Coast is one of the terms that is being known by so many of the Australians.  In the year 2014, this place was divided into two of the local government areas mentioning with the Sunshine Coast Region as well as Shire of Noosa that on the whole administer the southern and northern parts of the Sunshine Coast respectively.


This place has been taken to be one of the best destinations for the tourists in order to explore the historical background. So if you are planning to visit Australia then you should visit the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

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