Tate Modern, England

Tate Modern, England is a well known and popular brick building. It located on the far away side of River Thames. This site or building established in the year of  2000. Frances Morris, the director of this site. It is one of the most modern in form art galleries. This national gallery has international contemporary art pieces in its gallery. It is since the time of 1900 that this museum has been holding these national collection exhibitions. Only modern art pieces, as well as contemporary art pieces, are displayed by this museum.

This Tate Modern, England is one of the largest and most significant museums in the world of modern art and contemporary art. This museum does not charge a penny if you want to visit it, its entry is free. You will have free of cost access to all its collection displays.

It was on the date of 11th May 2000 that this Tate Modern, England was opened on the official basis by Queen. This site receives 5.25 million in the number of visitors in every single year. Do you know that in the last year, its three galleries received more than  2.5 million visitors, it is true!

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