The Art of Writing a Good Travel Blog

Blogs are an extremely common and widespread phenomenon that has grown exponentially over the last 3-5 years. With increasing numbers of people writing blogs about everything from personal thoughts to issue-specific topics and politics, it is difficult to capture an audience for blogs as there are simply too many available. For a blog to be read, it must be well written and different in some way. Travel blogs are no exception. They are everywhere at the moment, especially with so many people now taking time off to travel and explore.

The Art of Writing a Good Travel Blog - Beautiful Global

Make it Exciting

For people to read your travel blog, it needs to capture the reader’s attention in some way. You need to write about things that are interesting, funny or different from the usual endeavors of travel bloggers. So rather than paragraphs of how hot the weather is, focus on the more unusual and obscure experiences you encounter. Make an effort to engage in things that are somehow off the beaten track, and be honest. If the reader can relate to your feelings, join in your excitement, nerves or disappointments, your blog will be a lot more popular.

Practice Good Writing

Writing a travel blog, or any kind of blog for that matter requires a good writer if you want a wider readership. Practice your writing in terms of grammar, spelling, and form. Develop a personal writing style that is engaging and distinctive. You must also edit your blog entries, as not everything you do or see will merit writing about. Only put in what is actually interesting, funny or unique and leave the rest out. Try telling stories from different perspectives and only give detail when it is relevant. No one wants to read how hot a desert is, this is obvious. Go for more unusual things that will make your blog stand out. It can help with the dissertation in the future. I’m sure you will get good marks for writing tasks because of your blogging experience.

The Art of Writing a Good Travel Blog - Beautiful Global

How the Internet Benefits Travelers

It’s a big world out there, and you want to see it. The hassle of making arrangements for your accommodation shouldn’t be something that keeps you from doing it – you’ve got the internet!

So, You’re Planning To Travel

Perhaps you’re heading abroad, or maybe you’re just planning a short break closer to home. Whatever your travel plans may be, booking accommodation online can make the process of finding and booking a place to stay during your trip stress-free. Not only is booking accommodation online quicker and easier than trying to book, say, over the phone, it’s also much easier to make an informed decision. That nightmare situation of arriving at your destination and finding your accommodation to be nothing like what you expected needn’t be one that spoils your experience. By booking accommodation online, you can find out everything you need to know about your destination well before you make your booking, swiftly and simply.

The Art of Writing a Good Travel Blog - Beautiful Global

Take the Stress Out of Your Trip

The whole point of traveling – at home or abroad – is to enjoy yourself. The internet is of huge benefit to travelers, not just in booking accommodation online but in many other ways, too. You can check out all of the available accommodation options and compare them side by side, and to help you make up your mind, you can also use the internet to find the opinions of other travelers who have stayed at your destination before you to find out anything else you should know. You might also check out local attractions and your accommodation’s distance from them, and have a look for any special offers or discounts available. All in all, there are many advantages that the internet affords to travelers; from looking up information about your destination to find nearby attractions or attractions you might have otherwise missed, choosing a place to stay and checking what other travelers have to say and finding ways to save yourself money all the way to actually booking accommodation online, the internet can bring the whole world to your fingertips. Get out there and see it for yourself!

The Art of Writing a Good Travel Blog - Beautiful Global



Barbara Elliott is a blogger and freelance writer | The Art of Writing a Good Travel Blog - Beautiful Global


Barbara Elliott is a blogger and freelance writer.

She travels around the world while help with dissertation other students. She has a creative writer for different online magazines. Barbara enjoys photography and design. Follow her on Twitter

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