The Beautiful Kabul Zoo – Afghanistan


Kabul zoo – Afghanistan
According to Mother Nature network Kabul zoo has been announced on 6th position in the list of all the saddest and poor zoos in the world. It had been under a harassing situation due to war and fights in the civil war of Afghanistan. Kabul zoo is on the Shore of Kabul River in capital of city of Afghanistan. Kabul zoo is a big place of recreation for the local people.

It was first opened in 1967 when it became one of the most famous zoo having more than 150,000 visitors and with 500 different animal species but it doesn’t remain the same. During the Soviet Union and US invasions the zoo had to face a great destruction like landmarks of the country. Animals were killed some for the sake of food by the people or some died accidentally due to shillings and bomb attacks. At the end of the war there were only 81 species from 500 in which there were only mammals, fishes and birds which mean that it had totally lost the erotic animals. A number of animals died due to lack of food and different disease caused by the smoke and chemicals discharged during firing.

But there was a lion left in the Kabul city occasionally that saved him by sitting on a roof during the fight. It was transferred to the zoo and given full attention which was in serious health condition at that time due to less food which lived his life until 2002. The north California zoo of United sates funded a lot to the Kabul zoo and helped it establishing a better animal environment where China was a primary donor to the zoo who had been donated animals such as a female lion and rabbits but after that it said that it will not further give animals until the zoo situation become favorable and satisfying.

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