The Dubai Mall , UAE

The Dubai Mall is the world largest  and well known shopping mall regarding its area and popularity, and it is the 21st largest one shopping mall. It is situated or located in Dubai. It has 1200 shops in it. Do you know that it is one of the most visited building and mall, it is true! It is on the yearly basis that this mall attracts about 54 million visitors. If you are in Doha street, then you can reach to this mall all easily.

The Dubai Mall was opened at the time of 4th Nov 2008. At that time, it had 1000 retailers at its end, and then it became the world second largest one mall regarding making retain history. It has so far recorded 61000 tickets that were collected by the people who visited Discovery center on its opening day.

The Dubai Mall has so far hosted over and about 37 million visitors during the year of 2009. In every single week, it attracts almost 750000 visitors. It has 22 cinema screens in it and also 120 restaurants. If you are a mall lover person, then do visit this mall.

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