The Rocks, Australia

The Rocks are one of the well-known places in Australia. This place has been taken out to be known as one of the main attractions of the tourists. This place is all the more taken out to be the main image representation for the historical background of the Sydney city center. It is located on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour that is hence north-west of the Sydney central business district.

The Rocks were established in the year 1788. It was also known by the name of Tallawoladah. This place was previously used as for the purpose of the vernacular houses all along with the local coverage of the sandstone. In the year 1823, this place started taking into account with the population that was about 1200.

In the year 1900, this place started witnessing with the bubonic plague by which the state government decided to demolish the place and think about rebuilding it once again.  More than 3,800 houses, buildings, and wharves were hence put into the inspection and so many hundreds of the houses were demolished. But still, this place has been taken out to be one of the main attractions among the tourists on large scale.

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