The Shard, England

The Shard, England is also known by the name of Shard of glass. It is too named as Shard London bridge or with the name of London Bridge Tower. For the information, it is a 95 story skyscraper building. Some Italian architect designs it. This building is the most talented building which is present in the United Kingdom. It is the tallest building so far in the region of European Union.

The Shard, England is the fifth one tallest building in the region of Europe. Moreover, it is the 96th one tallest building in all over the world. This skyscraper is the second tallest one free-standing structure which located in the United Kingdom. Its construction began in the time of March 2009. Its inauguration was done on the date of 5th July 2012. Later in its solid completion phase was done in Nov 2012.

To get the view of The Shard, England, it opened for public on 1st Feb 2013. Its glass-clad kind of pyramidal tower has almost 72 habitable floors. From its 72nd floor, you can have the view of its gallery, and this open-air observation sort of deck is also present on the 72nd floor of this building. This skyscraper is managed and owned by Real estate management the United Kingdom.

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