The Shrine of Baba Wali – Baba Wali Kandhari



The shrine of Baba Wali is situated in Kandahar also known as the Taliban’s birth place, Afghanistan. Baba Wali known as Baba Sahib was an Islamic Sufi saint also called a “pir” who lived in around 1498 century born in 1476 in Kandahar and moved to Hasan Abdal near Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

A part of his shrine in Kandahar also present in Hasan Abdal. Due to his well-known preaching of Islam he became one of the most respectful Sufis in the Islamic history which is reflecting after his death also, even today a number of Muslims use to visit his shrine in love of Baba wali which shows that he is still followed by people.

In Afghanistan this Shrine is on the river bank of Arghandab on a small hill. Shrine was constructed by the commander of Mujahedeen of Afghanistan on a cost of million dollars. It is in a ground type flat area giving nice scenery with a contrast of river.

The shrine covers a vast area around it and has become a popular picnic spot for foreigners as well as locals beside the religious ones. It has become a famous landmark with its constructive properties and geographical importance beside the religious importance.

The building is exactly pure Islamic construction having five pomegranate shaped light blue colored five domes, one big in center and four on the corners of the roof. It has glass windows on all four sides of the shrine. This is having more than one floor with multiple stairs which directly lead to the shrine.

The use of many different material has made it an expensive project for construction but very attractive. Marble and glass are the most used material giving a shining look.  The shrine is surrounded by lush green gardens full of trees.

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