The Twelve Apostles, Australia

Have you been planning to spend your vacations in Australia? If yes so, then do not miss out catching the breath-taking beauty of The Twelve Apostles, Australia. This place has been located in the Southern Ocean that is just as alongside the Australia place.


This place has been entitled to know as 12 Apostles for the reason of bringing into addition the 12 amazing limestone’s pillars in its account. These pillars are on the whole connection to the mainland cliffs and the waves so as the wind will eventually carve right into the caves. Currently, there are about 8 apostles, but you never know when the next apostle pillar will be stretching right from the place of a cliff.

In order to reach this place, you have to travel for around 4 hours from Melbourne to Geelong all along with the Ocean Road. The best time to visit this place of at the duration of dawn or dusk as when you can catch little adorable penguins too. You can take pleasure from self-guided walks. You can grab the climbing fun from the 86 stars of the side of the beach. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to “The Twelve Apostles, Australia” right now!

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