Tora Bora Place In Afghanistan

Tora Bora is a huge complex of caves in between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also called Black cave and situated in spin ghar area in east of Afghanistan and north of Pakistan. It is present with the Khyber Pass in Peshawar. This is a cave complex formed by natural limestone.

In inside this is just like a multi-story house existsnaturally but according to some US militant who were in the cave it is having big wooden blocks inside used for support and it is like a storage room but most of them have been came into being naturally.

Tora Bora is one of the great location had played a role in the terrorism.Tora Bora is famous for the “battle of Tora Bora” which took place during the invasion of US forces on Afghanistan when the Tora Bora was used by Taliban and al-Qaida fighters and they had a hold on the area.

It had been used for escape by the big name Osama bin Ladin. It was a target area of US military during the search for Osama who used it soon after the terrible 9/11 attack.  When the US forces reached Tora Bora following Osama from Jalalabad Afghanistan they fired on the cave and in result of which the battle began.

According to western media Tora Bora is a full furnished Taliban base ready for a number of 2000 men to live there with a hospital, power plant and other needs of daily life.

It has roads through which a heavy tank can easily move into the cave with a ventilation system. It has separate offices for the allies inside it but when it was captured by the US and Afghan military it was a just a simple natural cave in which only 200 men could live.

Tora Bora

Tora Bora

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