Tretyakov Gallery, Russia

This Tretyakov Gallery, Russia is extremely one of the finest art galleries which is present in Moscow, Russia. Note that it is the foremost depository that officially belongs to Russian fine art. The history of this well known gallery starts from the time of 1856. It was the time when Moscow merchant named as Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov, he acquired works from the Russian artists and this collection turned into a shape of Museum of National Art,

It was in year 1892 when Tretyakov presented and showed his famous collections that comprise of  approximately and about 2,000 works. That consist of 1,362 paintings and 526 drawings and also 9 sculptures and this work was shown to entire Russian nation. It is in Russian fairy tale style that this site Tretyakov Gallery, Russia has been designed.

It was during span of 20th century that this site Tretyakov Gallery, Russia got expanded to large number of neighboring buildings. Its collections now consist of 130,000 exhibits. Note that Pavel Tretyakov started to collect art right in middle time of 1850. The founding year of Tretyakov Gallery is 1856. In year 1856 Tretyakov purchased and bought two paintings of some Russian artists. Then in years of 1854–55, he bought 11 drawings and also 9 pictures.

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