Valley of the Kings – Egypt

Valley of the Kings - Egypt (1)

Valley of the Kings – Egypt (1)

The Valley of the Kings is also known as the valley of the gates of the kings. It is situated on the western side of the river Nile in Egypt. It was constructed in 16th century. It is a graveyard which contains tombs of the royals 18th to 20th dynasties of the country. It has two parts commonly known as the East valley and the west valley.

It has 63 tombs which are different in size and way of construction. Some are normal simple tombs but others are in the form of a complex. Along with the tomb of the royals it was also serving as the burial place for other notables of the kingdom.

The Valley of the Kings has become the most famous ancient place of the world with the discovery of the tomb associated with the king Tutankhamun.

The land of the valley is a combination of limestone and soft marl along with some other rocks. It has faced the flood several times in the history which has destructed the structure of the tombs. In the year 1972 the Valley of the Kings has been declared as a world heritage site which gave birth to a new research and exploration in the site attracting thousands of archeologists. As a result of new explorations they discovered a chamber of shelves in the floor the project which worked for the new discoveries in the year 1998 to the year 2002 is called Amarna royal tombs project.

Valley of the Kings - Egypt  (1)

Valley of the Kings – Egypt (1)

New researches have shown that the valley has experienced around 7 dangerous floods came from the near Theban hills. There are beneath the present surface also which had been undiscovered for thousands of years covered with sand due to floods.

The Valley of the Kings is now not only an archeological site but also a famous tourist attraction of the country.

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