Westminster Abbey, England

The former name of Westminster Abbey, England is Collegiate Church of St Peter. This church is present in Westminster. It is one of the largest Gothic abbey churches. It is on the west side of Palace of Westminster that this church can be accessed. You can call this site as one of the notable and to one of the recognized religious buildings.

This Westminster Abbey, England is a traditional place and a burial site for the people of England. It was between the times of 1540 till 1556 that this abbey got the status called as the cathedral. Then since the time of 1560, this sits no longer called as an abbey, or it called the cathedral. Instead, it has given the status of a church,


This Westminster Abbey, England has to communicate its proceedings to sovereign directly. It is since 1100 that almost 16 royal weddings took place on this site. Two of the marriages were of Henry I and also of Richard III. The first one major work was done on this site at the time of June 2009. This Westminster Abbey, England is taking more of expansion projects. Like Queen Diamond Jubilee Galleries will sooner be made in this abbey.

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