What Are the Benefits of Wildlife Habitat?

Loss of natural habitat is what endangers the wildlife most. The rapidly growing industrialisation has led to deforestation, thus, putting the survival of wildlife in danger. The growing population around the globe is resulting in the urbanisation of rural areas which is likely to intrude into wildlife habitats, as an outcome of which, there is a dire need of creating artificial wildlife habitats. Besides being beneficial for wildlife and giving them a taste of the wildcreating artificial wildlife habitats offer a number of benefits for everyone. Any portion of the open space can be transformed into a wildlife habitat, be it community park or your backyard, every piece of land and some small efforts can help us bring back the harmony of living beings on this planet. Here are some benefits of creating wildlife habitat which will surely compel you to create one:

Aesthetic Pleasure:

Ever wondered why people choose to head to exotic mountainous, greenish locations for vacations? The answer is simple, it’s the nature that can heal your soul and help you relieve all the worldly stress. Instead of waiting to go to such terrain, why not create something alike around you? Creating an artificial wildlife habitat is beneficial for humans and wildlife equally. It can bring back the beauty and joy in our life that we have lost by materialising everything. It will be the best way to connect to nature and enjoy the wildlife around us. Moreover, the beautification of the land and seeing the colourful butterflies and vibrant flowers around is a visual treat that no one wants to miss. 

Social Benefits:

Having a wildlife habitat within the area of the city provides an excellent opportunity for the community to go for a picnic or hiking which can give a calming effect by helping friends and family to connect through such outdoor activities. It can be beneficial for children studying in schools in particular. By connecting to nature, they can learn more about biodiversity and ecology. They can go and see the animals they study. Moreover, they can be offered to volunteer for habitat management which will give them a sense of social responsibility and they will learn to take care of their surroundings. The volunteering activities will help children connect to other people of the community and there will be smooth harmonies and natural environment to live in. 

Environmental Benefits:

Tress and plants are undoubtedly the fundamental beings that maintain a hygienic environment that is essential for the survival of all the living beings of this plant. They maintain a healthy temperature and keep a safe environment intact. Growing native shrubs and plants and the reduction in the use of fertilisers and pesticides can help improve the air, water, and food quality. The trees will produce oxygen that will help eradicate the dangers caused by air pollution of an urbanised territory. Likewise, the shrubs and trees will provide shelter to native wildlife and will ensure their safety. 

The environmental degradation caused by deforestation which has led this planet to global warming and several grave issues like depletion of the ozone layer can surely be overcome if every single one us will focus on contributing to make this land green and clean. 

Economic Benefits:

Planting trees on your land increases the value of your land. They provide your house with protection from the weather conditions. For example, in summers, it helps cool down the temperature and in winter besides keeping most of the snow away from your driveway, it gives warmth to your house and saves it from being directly exposed to the harsh weather conditions. Moreover, maintaining a wild habitat is cost-effective and does not require any extra fertilisation or care to be kept green. Furthermore, planting pest-resistant native vegetation can prevent you from spending money on insecticides and will keep bats and toads away from your backyard.

Hence, the restoration of wildlife habitats and the creation of new ones on larger or smaller scales is equally beneficial for all the living inhabitants of this planet. By practicing the famous slogan to ‘go- green’ we cannot just maintain a healthy environment for the present, but it will also benefit future generations. Consider it a moral and social responsibility to make this world a better place for all!

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