A Maldives Guide: Best Places for All in the Maldives on a Budget

We all have been to London, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. but to decide where to go next for vacations is a tough choice. Another reason is the budget – staying within the drafted budget on holidays tends to be challenging – we want to get various souvenirs, stay in a good hotel, taste as many street foods as we can while roaming and exploring the city, etc. All these activities cost money, and money is a constraint for us. We cannot waste it, so, we need to be smart and plan accordingly.

The Maldives is a beautiful city – tropical isle that vaunts of white sandy beaches, cerulean sea waters, and extrinsic, flamboyant coral-reefs. It is known as the Republic of the Maldives, an Asian country, situated in the Indian Ocean and located in the Arabian Sea. Covering two-hundred-and-ninety-eight square km, the official language is Maldivian (Dhivehi), and the official currency is Maldivian rufiyaa. A piece of heaven known as the Maldives consists of various distinct islands and coral island and is the lowest country in the world. Famous as a tourist’s destination, the Maldives elements have history, nature and its wonders, and other exhilarating activities.

Best places in the Maldives

When visiting the Maldives, there are numerous places to visit: many natural wonders, coral reefs, underwater wonders, etc. We have hand-picked a list of places for you to visit in this vacation and enjoy a minimum budget and you can get further discounts and online coupon codes for accommodations, dinners, shopping, etc.

1.     Sun Island

Sun Island, aka Nalaguraidhoo Island in the South of Ari Atoll, is among the best tourist points. Consisting of sparkling beaches, stunning tropical floras, and splendid foliage that pulls a significant number of vacationers wishing to stretch out in the natural sunlight which will leave a beautiful tan. With its incredibly beautiful blue calm waters, scintillating coastlines and magnificent resorts; the island warranties massive pleasure to its visitors. Given its tranquility and exquisiteness, it is amongst the most extraordinary sites to holiday in the Maldives.

Activities: Windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, and relaxing at top-of-the-line sauna and spas

2.     Alimatha Island

Sitting on the edge of eastern Maldives, Alimatha Island is stationed in Vaavu Atoll. With its sapphire, sparkler waters — pertinent for somersaulting, snorkeling and boating, the islet is an extraordinary place for family getaways, considering that it is one of the most beautiful places to stopover in the Maldives. Volleyball bouts in the sun-drenched beaches with glittering sand are quite entertaining. The Ayurveda massage parlor, sauna, bars, and cafeterias make it a vitalizing selection amongst the prominent tourist sites in the Maldives.

Activities: Canoeing (kayaking) at Miyaru Kandu, Alimatha Aquatic Resort, scuba dive, Fotte Kandu, and diving.

3.     HP Reef

Positioned in the North Mal- Atoll, HP Reef is betwixt the high-flying tourist destinations in the Maldives. It is a sheltered aquatic site that gives evidence to the prevalent existence of an assortment of marine wildlife. From small, detrimental and intriguing fishes to multi-color icran, and caverns. The sea here is full of life with the high-spiritedness of aquatic life. With the greatest caution, the marine lives are sheltered while ensuring that enthusiastic snorkelers and divers get in the waters only when it is absolutely safe, making it the most beautiful places to visit in the Maldives.

Activities: Aquatic life for photography and diving.

4.     Malé Atoll

Located on the south of Kaafu Atoll, the North Malé Atoll is the principal city and the most favorite spot amongst the top places to stay in the Maldives. It is among the leading Maldives sightseeing places. Also known as Mahal for being the domicile of the Royal Reigns and is at present celebrated as the Kings Island. Male has a stifling monsoon climate with downpours happening through the majority of the year. The best thing about Male is its reliably, reasonable round the year temperature.

Activities: Grand Friday Mosque, Snorkeling, Malé’s National Museum, Male Fish Market,  Dive Club Maldives, Tsunami Monument, Underwater Scooters, and Scuba diving.

5.     Artificial Beach

Located in the North Male- Atoll, the beach is what its name suggests – artificial. It is the desired rendezvous of the swimming fiends amongst the best sites to holiday in the Maldives. Artificial Beach is a clear area and has particular limitations for clothing as per the domestic legislation. The beach hosts numerous carnivals, water athletic, and serene saunters, making the place favorite go-to-places in the Maldives. The evenings here transform into stunning nights as music crowds get together to dance and enjoy the night.

Activities: Manta Point, Nassimo Thila, Shark Point, and Kani Corner.

6.     Fihalhohi Island


Fihalhohi Island, found at the South Kaafu Atoll in Mal-, is amongst the quite appealing and beautiful places in the Maldives to spend your hard-earned money as well as vacation. The island is exquisitely besieging with dappled coconut palm trees, immaculate beaches, and clear waters. The island provides fine weather, creating it an ideal location for water actions that tourists thrive for and most enchanting toting to the list of best places to visit in the Maldives. One of the coolest things about Fihalhohi Island is the coral reef that enfolds the island that lines a profusion of aquatic life. With the accessibility of snorkel; you can experience aquatic wildlife amongst the coral reef and create recollections that will last forever. The island is also famous for offering the preeminent tropical with Balinese and supplementary universal treatments.

Activities: Rannalh, Fihalhohi Island Resort, and Rihiveli beaches in the immediate vicinity.

7.     Biyadhoo Island

Another eminent island amongst the finest places to holiday in the Maldives; the Biyadhoo Island is placed in the South Male- Atoll. Covering ten acres of land, it is approximately eighteen miles away from South Male- International Airport and has Makunufushi Island in the vicinity. The island has ample shrubbery of bananas, mangoes, and coconuts alongside cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage. It is prominent for iridescent waters, and audacious water sporting and henceforth titled — the Scuba-diving Island.

Activities: Snorkeling, Biyadhoo Island Resort, Scuba-diving, canoe-paddling, etc.

In Conclusion

A South Asian country located in the southwest of India and Srilanka; the Maldives is the world’s most geographically sparse country, as well as the smallest Asian country both: by land and inhabitants. Malé is the capital and densely populated city in the Republic of Maldives. The city inhabits the entire islet of Male and is by some accounts the world’s densest city with people everywhere. Above mentioned places in the Maldives are a must-to-see when you visit this small but a piece of heaven land

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