Abu Dhabi’s Best Eats – 6 Types of Cuisines to Sample

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, is also a cultural melting pot. Expats from different parts of the globe call it home because of the many multinational corporations based here. It is no wonder there is a nice mix of cultural influences throughout the city.

And, if you are looking for great eats, there is an attractive selection of cuisines to choose from. Unlike other cities in the world where the most common options are American fast food, Abu Dhabi actually has various options for people with discriminating palates or those who want to experiment with new flavors every now and then.

If you are an adventurous eater who currently resides in the capital and you wish to know the best cuisines to try, rounded up below are six of them:

  1. Emirati

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You’d be surprised by how a lot of expats still have yet to try Emirati cuisine. It is not that popular, but those who discover it always regret not having tried it sooner.

Emirati cuisine is surprisingly tasty; the ingredients used are healthy and every dish is enticingly fragrant.

Highly recommended Emirati dishes for first-timers are arseeyah {roughly translated as “chicken rice gruel) and khanfaroosh (a.k.a. fried saffron and cardamom hotcakes). These are what locals call their “comfort food.” They make use of humble ingredients, but they taste luxurious because of the special spices used.

  1. Japanese

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The UAE has a thriving fishing industry which allows Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to have great quality fish for sushi, sashimi and other traditional Japanese dishes.

‘Want to try contemporary Japanese cuisine?

You can actually find a world-famous Japanese restaurant in the capital that specializes in it. Its menu offerings are exciting and innovative, ensuring diners’ absolute satisfaction.

  1. Korean

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There are lots of authentic Korean restaurants in the city as well. They offer everything from ramyun (their spicy noodles) to bibimbap (a rice bowl with vegetables, chili paste, beef, and egg), kimchi fried rice, and patbingsu (a shaved ice dessert with beans).

You will enjoy coming to an authentic Korean restaurant because you get generous servings of side dishes for free and, most of the time, you even get to cook your own food. Plus, if you visit a restaurant that changes menu offerings regularly, you are bound to find the delicious cheesy dishes conquering Instagram these days.

  1. Indian

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Indian cuisine is among the most popular in the UAE as even the locals enjoy the use of herbs and spices similarly used in traditional Arabic cuisine.

There is an abundance of Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi serving all-time favorites like butter chicken, palak paneer and tikka masala. Some of them are hip dining establishments that attract both the young and old.

It’s worth noting, too, that Indian cuisine is popular among the health conscious for a large percentage of the menus include tasty vegetarian options.

  1. French

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There are so many hotel restaurants and “designer” dining establishments in Abu Dhabi that specialize in French cuisine. Their chefs have been trained in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and if you want authentic French flavors, you are sure to experience them in these places.

Also, if you are a huge fan of French bread and desserts, there are patisseries and boulangeries all over the city. They are good enough to satisfy hard-to-please French nationals and Francophiles.

  1. Italian

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Mediterranean food is popular in the UAE so among the best cuisines to try is Italian. You can try authentic Italian pizza, pasta, and seafood dishes along with cakes and pastries.

Italian food is a passion in Abu Dhabi. In fact, there are numerous Italian fine dining establishments in the city. The prices of menu items may be a little steep, but because of the great quality of the offerings and the luxurious ambiance of the restaurants, they still draw in large crowds especially during weekends.

These are some of the more popular cuisines you can enjoy in Abu Dhabi.

So, if you are coming to the city for a gastronomic adventure, or reside in it but want to try something new, seek out the restaurants that specialize in these cuisines. You will surely delight in the authentic flavors they offer.

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