Bay of All Saints, Brazil

Here we have facts about Bay of All Saints, Brazil. It is also called with this name of All Saints’ Bay and you can call it as Todos os Santos Bay. It is one of the principal bay which belongs to the Brazilian state of this Bahia. This Todos os Santos Bay, it sits on the eastern coast of the Brazil and its surrounding part is composed of Bahia’s capital which is Salvador, its one side opens to the Atlantic Ocean. This site is spread on 1,223 square kilometers area.

This Bay of All Saints, Brazil is one of the largest bays which are present in Brazil. Do you know that Farol da Barra which is also called as Barra Lighthouse, it is located at the entrance of this subjected bay, it is true! It is a shallow bay and it has an average depth of about 9.8 meters that makes about 32 ft.

This Bay of All Saints, Brazil has 91 islands in it. The north side of the bay, it has a port which is a home of oil refineries. More info on this bay will be shared.

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