Beach Park, Brazil

Have you visited this Beach Park, Brazil? It is one of the well known Brazilian water parks and it is located on the beach of Porto das Dunas right in the municipality of Aquiraz. It is in this Metropolitan region named as Fortaleza that this waterpark is located! It is spread on a measured area of 170,000 m², or you can say that this waterpark is spread on an approximate area of 1.8 million ft².

This Beach Park, Brazil is an aquatic park and it has become one of the leading tourist sites. It is so far the largest water park which is present in Latin America. It was in the time of 2012 that this waterpark had 843,000 visitors in it and in its beach park, it welcomed 1,408,000 visitors at that time,

This Beach Park, Brazil comprise a beach and Aquatic Park, it too consists of many resorts in it. Almost one million visitors visit this site on an annual basis. This site is affiliated with the several and a large number of national water parks and also international water parks. Many of the entertainment associations are linked with this site. This site is the official member of World Waterpark Association (WWA).

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