Beto Carrero World, Brazil

Talking about entertaining facts about Beto Carrero World, Brazil, this is the famous and largest of all theme park which is situated and present in Latin America and it is located in Penha, Brazil. It was on this date of December 28, 1991, that this theme park was opened. This park is the symbol of Santa Catarina’s signature well known and amusement parks.

This Beto Carrero World, Brazil has been mainly divided into many theme areas. If you are in this theme park, then you need to see its 7 distinct areas. You will enjoy its rides of roller coasters, this theme park offers you with many shows.It comprises of a specific thematic area which you should check!

One of the famous attractions of Beto Carrero World, Brazil, it is this Nation Castle! This castle is spread on 10.444m² of the area and it is the biggest building which is present in this whole park. Then there is a baby elephant attraction site. You should try its paddle boat ride, it is one of the beautiful and to one of the romantic rides which you should experience. When you will visit this theme park then!

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