Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia

This Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia is one of the oldest theatres which is present in Moscow, Russia. For the information, it was originally designed and created by an architect named as Joseph Bove. Before the phase of this October Revolution, this theatre used to be the part of Imperial Theatres of Russian Empire and Maly Theatre. Do you know that Bolshoi ballet is one of the oldest and also one of the most renowned ballet companies and opera companies in the whole world, it is true! It is the biggest ballet company that comprises of more than 200 dancers.

The main building of this Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia, it was rebuilt and then it got renovated for many numbers of times during its entire span of history. It is one of the landmark items so far for Moscow and Russia. Then on 28 October 2011, this theatre was re-opened right after an extensive time of six-year renovation. Its renovation official cost was about 21 billion rubles and that makes $688 million.


The new culture and design of this Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia is called as The New Stage and it has gone into service phase on 29 November 2002. This new stage has been constructed on the left side of theatre main stage.

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