Buckingham Palace, England

Buckingham Palace is the administrative headquarters for the monarch of United Kingdom. It is the London residence only for United Kingdom monarchy. This palace has always come out as the central location when it comes to state occasions or if there is an event related to royal hospitality. This well-known palace site is the focal and most visited point for most of the British people.

Its original name was Buckingham House. It’s unique building which constructed at the core section of this palace; it is a town hall which made for Duke of Buckingham during the time of 1703. This town hall is private ownership since the time of last 150 years. Then it was in the late 19th century times as well as in early 20th century times that significant in the number of structural additions noticed in this Buckingham Palace.

East Front made in this palace. It is a large in size balcony where royal family used to traditionally congregate and meet with crowds. During World War II, this Buckingham Palace chapel got destructed by the German bomb. Total 775 rooms are present in this palace. Its private garden is so far most significant of all in London.

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