Cotswolds, England

Sharing the informative stats on Cotswolds, England. Note that this site is an area which located at the south-central England site. This site comprises of these Cotswold hills; they are the range of form rolling hills. These hills rise above from Severn valley as well as rise above from Evesham Vale. This site is mainly defined because of its bedrock kind of Jurassic limestones.

In this Cotswolds, England, you will see many numbers of stone-built villages and also historical towns. It has stately homes and too magnificent gardens in it. This district has the population of 84000. It spread in the area of 504000 acres.

Do you know that this Cotswolds, England is the second largest one protected landscape present in England, it is true? Its boundaries are of 90 miles long. Its boundaries usually stretch right across the boundaries of these English counties that include Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire and many other. It is because of the Cotswold local government that the names of these hills have derived! This local government administers and handle the most significant part of this hill site. Its highest point is this Cleeve hill which is 330 m tall.

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