Covent Garden, England

Have you visited this Covent Garden, England? You should visit it. It located in the district of Westminster. It is on the site of Greater London that you will have access to this garden. It is right at the Charing crossroad as well s Drury lane that this appealing looking garden located. This garden has been associated with some former fruit market. Now it has come out as the most popular tourist site.

The south side of this Covent Garden, England is surrounded by many prominent buildings of England. Like you have easier access to many historical buildings and also to theatres. There are many entertainment facilities, London Transport Museum and Theatre Royal which located near to this garden.

This Covent Garden, England is termed as with the name of the garden of the Abbey and Convent. And then its name turned out to be Convent garden. Henry VIII had seized this garden during the year of 1552. And then it was granted to Earl of Bedford. It was in the year 1654 when a small in size fruit and vegetable market was developed and created at the southern side of this fashionable square.

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