Burj Al Arab , UAE

Note that this Burj Al Arab is one of the famous and most popular towers which are present in this Arab region. It is one of the luxurious hotels which any one of you can visit! This hotel is located and situated in Dubai. It is the third tallest one hotel which is present in this whole world. It is on the artificial island that this hotel is standing. This hotel right connected with the mainland of Jumeirah beach.

When you notice the shape of Burj Al Arab, then you will see that it look like a ship! Yes, it is true! Near to its roof site, the helipad is there as well. That beachfront area where this hotel, as well as Jumeirah beach, is situated, that beach used to be known with the name of Miami Beach. Its design and overall construction had been taken care of, and overall managed by some Canadian engineer and his name was Rick Gregory.

The makers of this hotel told that they always wanted to design some iconic looking building and this is what they have made! This Burj Al Arab opened in the year of 1999. It consists of 28 double story floor as well as 202 in the number of bedroom suites.

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