Corcovado, Brazil

Corcovado, Brazil is a mountain. Check out the facts about this mountain which is located in Brazil. The meaning of this mountain is “hunchback”. This mountain is situated at the central side of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It comprises of 710-meters granite peak and this peak is located in this Tijuca Forest which is a national park.

One of the most and extremely popular attractions of this mountain site named as Corcovado, Brazil are many in number. This site almost draws 300,000 visitors on a per year basis. Right from its peak’s platform, you can catch up with some amazing panoramic views. This site has become a symbol when it comes to Brazilian culture. You can access the peak of this mountain and also the statue by using a narrow road which is present at rack railway.

Talking about the geology of Corcovado, Brazil, its peak comprises of a granite dome. This mountain site is generally in vertical in form rocky formation site. Do you know that in Brazil, this formation is one of the highest such kind of formations, it is true? So when you will visit this mountain site. More mountain sites located in Brazil and facts about them are coming up.

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