Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

For the information, this Fernando de Noronha. Brazil is basically an archipelago. It comprises of 21 islands and also islets which are located in the Atlantic Ocean. This site is of 354 km or 220 mi from the Brazilian coast. It is the only one homonymous main island which has been inhabited. It contains an area of 18.4 km2 or 7.1 sq mi. This site consists of the population of about 2,718 during the year of 2012. You should too note that this archipelago’s total and estimated area is about 26 km2 or 10 sq mi.

The main island of Fernando de Noronha. Brazil, it comprises an area of 18 km2 or 6.9 sq mi. This main island is 10 km or 6.2 mi long. It is 3.5 km or 2.2 mi wide and that too at its maximum level. Note down that the base of this enormous and huge volcanic formation, it is of 756 meters right below the surface.

Fernando de Noronha. Brazil got its name because of its main island. This main island makes up about 91% of this total area. And rest of the islands which includes Rata, the island of Sela Gineta, island Cabeluda and also Sao Jose, they make up and cover rest of the area.

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