Exmoor, England

This Exmoor, England is famous known as the open hill area as it is located at the Somerset west side and north side of Devon. It is after the name of Rive Exe that this site was named. This area used as a hunting forest for royal families out there. You can now call it as a national park. In this national park, you will see these Brendon Hills and East Lyn Valley, Bristol channel coast. The total and the estimated area of this national park are 692.8 km2.

The upland area of Exmoor, England has covered with sedimentary rocks. The highest of all point of this national park is Dunkery Beacon. This point is 519 meters. It lowland usually and commonly support these health communities. This park provides and offers habitats for scarce in the amount of flora and fauna.

In this Exmoor, England, you will still be able to see remains of bridges and Cairns and also standing stones which date us back to the time of old centuries. This national park was given a charter during the time of 13th century. It was in 1954 that this site provided and called the national park of England. This park comes with a dispersed population too. Small in the number of villages and to hamlets are a part of this national park.

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