Grand Kremlin Palace, Russia

This Grand Kremlin Palace, Russia was constructed from 1837 to 1849. It is in Moscow, Russia. This palace is located on the site of estate of Grand Princes. This estate was established in the time of 14th century right on Borovitsky Hill.  This palace has 5 reception halls in it and they are Georgievsky hall, Vladimirsky hall, Aleksandrovsky hall, Andreyevskyhall and Ekaterininsky hall.

In this Georgievsky Hall of Grand Kremlin Palace, Russia, this hall is used for the purpose of state receptions and to carry out diplomatic receptions. It is used to carry official ceremonies, Then these international treaties and meetings related to it are carried in this Vladimirsky Hall. We have Aleksandrovsky Hall, Andreyevsky Hall and they mainly used for the meetings, conferences.

This Grand Kremlin Palace, Russia, it is of 125 metres length and it is 47 metres high. Its total area is 25,000 square metres and it has nine churches in it from the times of 14th century, 16th, 17th centuries. It has  over 700 rooms. All buildings of this beautiful palace, they make a rectangle in the form of an inner courtyard. Its buildings appear and look as if they are of three stories, but in real there are two stories.

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