Great Otway National Park, Australia

The Great Otway National Park is one of the popularly known destinations that is located in the place of Victoria, Australia. This place has been on the whole established in the area of about 103,185-hectare. It has been carried out with the great richness of the landscapes all along with the vegetation types that are to be located just as within the Otway Ranges.  In the year 2005, this park was officially combined all along with the local community and so as the Otway Ranges Environment Network.

This destination park has been carried out to be known as one of the best areas that are of the international tourist’s attractions.  It has been rather settled with the wide range of the camping areas in which the three camping areas are Johanna as well as Aire river and also Blanket Bay.

This park has been also identified by means of the BirdLife International as being one of the most important bird areas. This park has been supporting so many different bird species mentioning with the pink robins and also striated feildwrens.  You would be falling in love with the beauty of this national park for sure.

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