Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island is known as one of the largest islands that are located in the place of Queensland in Australia. It has been all put into the positioning of the 887 kilometers that is to the north of Brisbane all along with the 512 kilometers that are to the south of Cairns. This is the only island that is featuring with the services of the commercial airport that is holding with the direct flights from the Sydney as well as Melbourne and from Cairns.

In the year 2011, this island did come up with the recording population that was about 1208. This island has come about to be one of the main destination attraction among the tourists every single year.  This island has stood out to be the main host of so many events too such as racing of the yachting festivals.

This place has been honored with the award of the Australian Traveller ‘Most Desirable Island Escape’ Award in the year 2015. The island is also operating with the public shuttle bus that let the tourists visit with some of the major points of the interest and site of the accommodation.  Its beauty and the surrounding areas are simply exceptional looking

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