How to Make Your Travelling Trip More Exciting With Photography?

The winter season is in full swing.  In case you still didn’t get a chance to have your winter break and enjoy your winter vacation with your family, then it is never too late to plan an exciting desert safari, ocean safari or an enthralling heli skiing Canada adventure. Travelling and enjoying a fun vacation with family and friends helps you relax your mind and body from stress. Moreover, you will get ample opportunity to click some breathtaking photographs. Following are some amazing tips and tricks quick to click some amazing pictures while traveling with your family and friends.

Investing in a Wide-Angle Camera Lens

If you want to invest in some professional photography equipment and gear, then buying a wide- angle camera lens is a great investment. A wide angle camera lens will help you capture the entire landscape in a single frame. If you want to invest in a high quality camera lens, then buying a 10-22mm lens is a great way to upgrade your camera lens collection. If you have a limited budget, then a basic 35mm prime will do fine. If you don’t want to invest in wide angle lenses, then try to get some panoramic shots that can be later edited in Photoshop or any other automated photo editing software. 

Taking Candid Pictures

Apart from taking some amazing landscape shots, don’t forget to take pictures of the most important people in your life; your family and friends. No doubt landscape photography is great; however, taking candid pictures of your family is a great way to preserve your precious moments with them. In order to take some amazing candid face shots, try to opt for those lenses that are suitable for taking closer shots. You can even go for a POV camera or use smart sunglasses with camera if you are planning to do something sporty and adventurous such as hiking, trekking, surfing, etc. Also, keep your aperture wide open as it creates a blurred background effect and makes the faces stand out. While taking close portrait shots, try to concentrate on the eye area as it is one of the main elements of a composition.

Wildlife Photography

Everyone loves wildlife photography. The biggest highlight of traveling to a foreign country is exploring different species of animals and plants that Mother Nature has to offer.

The best option for capturing some interesting shots of wild animals is by using a high quality zoom lens. Many wild animals tend to disappear before you can even grab  your camera. Therefore, try to opt for a 300 mm lens if you are interested in taking some amazing wild life photographs.

When visiting the zoo or theme parks, make sure to avoid boring elements from entering into your frame. By eliminating these elements from your pictures, you can even fool your friends to believe that you have taken these animal photographs in the real wilderness and not at a zoo.

Still vs Motion Photography

While traveling outdoors, it can be quite tricky to take clear and crisp photographs as you cannot control the lighting and weather conditions. Therefore, try to use a tripod for taking long exposure pictures. However, this option is only effective for still photography. Also, try to invest in a low light camera lens and a flash diffuser for capturing motion shots. Keeping a faster shutter speed is a great way to avoid blurred motion photographs.

Large Storage Space

If you are new at photography, try to take as many photos as possible. You can always sort out and delete extra pictures after viewing them on a bigger screen instead of deleting them directly from the camera. Therefore, it is recommended to get several 4 or 8 GB memory cards as storing pictures in multiple locations is safer than carrying a single 32 or 64 GB card in case your card gets corrupted. Storing pictures in multiple locations helps to minimize the loss in case your SD gets damaged. 

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, taking photographs when traveling outdoors is a great way to capture your travel and maintain a visual memoir of all the unforgettable moments of your life.

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