IMG Worlds of Adventure , UAE

Have you visited this IMG Worlds of Adventure? Here are the interesting facts for you related to this site. It is a well known indoor and the most famous amusement park which is present in the region of United Arab Emirates. This entertainment site has been the first one themed entertainment site setup and created in Dubai, yes it is true!

This IMG Worlds of Adventure park comprise of four major kinds of zones. Two of these zones, they mainly represent and show global level brands, and they are Cartoon network and also Marvel. While rest of the two zones, they are created and designed by this IMG group. These two zones named as the IMG boulevard and then we have the fourth one zone, and it is of Lost valley- Dinosaur adventure zone.

This IMG Worlds of Adventure site is a temperature controlled site. It is most significant one themed entertainment park which is present in the whole world. This park spread over an area of 1.5 million square feet. It can accommodate and welcome almost 20,000 guests on a per day basis. You will find roller coaster rides and also thrill rides, many other kinds of exciting trips over here.

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