Jebel Hafeet ,UAE

This Jebel Hafeet is a mountain. Its meaning is the empty mountain. This mountain is located right in the environs of this Al Ain. This mountain linked with the border of Oman. This mountain is 26 km long and also of 4 km to 5 km wide. This specific mountain site ranges and extends from north to south location. Its range is present in an asymmetric form. Do you know that its eastern part is much and quite steeper, it is true! And the west side of this mountain site is less more precipitous.

This Jebel Hafeet site gives an impressive view. It is a prominent and a well-known landmark present in Dubai. It has become one of the contemporary tourist attraction sites. At times it is called as the highest mountain present in UAE, but it is not true! In fact, Jabal Jais is the tallest mountain which is present in UAE.

This Jebel Hafeet site comprises of many individual and distorted rocks. While reaching to the foot side of this mountain, you will find the vast range of marine fossils. This mountain has been crossed and interconnected with the extensive system of caves.

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