Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel , UAE

Talking about important information on Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, here we will give you. The other name of this tower hotel is Emirates Tower Two. This hotel made of 56 stories. It is in Dubai city that this tower hotel is present! In this hotel, you will find 40 luxurious in the number of suites, and it operated by Jumeirah international group.

This Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel is connected with Emirates office tower as well. It is on the 54th floor that you can find their office. This hotel building is present in two towers form. Its structural height is of 309 meters. You can say, this hotel building is 1014 feet tall.

This Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel can call as sisters tower. This hotel building ranked on the 48th spot regarding its height aspect. It is also the world 3rd tallest one all hotel building. The construction phase of this towers hotel completed on 15th April 2000. Do visit this tower hotel. These sisters towers look amazing from their design aspect. More stats on this Emirates towers hotel will share. So, if you want to visit Dubai, then you should visit Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel.

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