Jumeirah Lake Towers , UAE

Note that this Jumeirah Lake tower is one of the most significant developments that take place in Dubai. This tower site located in Dubai, and it comprises of 80 towers, yes it is all true! This site had bee constructed and designed right alongside the edges of these artificial lakes. So if one wants to check out this tower site, he or can easily access to Lake Almas West and Lake Almas East as well as JLT lake.

This Jumeirah Lake Towers site ranges from 35 floors to 45 floors. Its centerpiece which named as Almas tower, it comprises of 66 levels. This Almas tower is one of the centerpieces and to the tallest tower of this entire one and the whole complex

The first tower of Jumeirah Lake Towers site was Saba tower, and it completed in the year of 2006. Majority range and amount of construction completed by the time of 2008. Then by the time of 2011, almost 80% of towers were finished from the construction point of view. This tower site comprises of 26 clusters, and they named from A to Z. So, it is all about the brief introduction or information about Jumeirah Lake Towers.

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