Kizhi Island, Russia

This Kizhi Island, Russia is located near to the geometrical center of this Lake Onega which is present in the Republic of Karelia, right in this Medvezhyegorsky District. This island is 6 km long and it is 1 km wide. It is also 68 km away right from the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk. This island consists of many settlements and to churches on it and they have been known until the time of 15th century. This island contains a rural population in it.

On this Kizhi Island, Russia, we are seeing developments in terms of ore mining as well as iron plantations. Because of these developments, we have seen an uprising in Kizhi till the time of 1769–1771. By the time of the 1950s, a large number of villages have now been disappeared from this island. It now consists of small in amount of rural settlement.

Then in the 18th century, this Kizhi Island, Russia saw two more developments and they were the development of two churches, bell tower. It was in the early times that an important occupation on this island was used to be farming. More island details will be shared.

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